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Results from AEARA runners:

Saturday 17th November, 2018

AV Shield Round 6, Meadowglen

David, 3000m 11:36.8, 5th M16

Luke, 3000m, 11:54.1, 7th M16

Ruby, 3000m 11:56.2, 2nd F18

David, 800, 2:36.2, 7th M16

Luke, 800, 2:53.3, 9th M16

Jack, 800, 2:16.0, 3rd M16

Jack, HJ, 1.55m, 3rd M16

Sunny, 200, 29.73, 2nd M14

Saturday 10th November, 2018

AV Shield Round 5, Newport

Ruby, 1500m, 5:20.9, 1st F18

Ruby, 200m, 31.19 (part of 4x200)

Zach, 1500m, 4:46.0, 7th M Open

Jack, 800m, 2:23.17, 1st M16

Jack, HJ, 1.55m, 1st M16

Sunny, 200m, 28.71, 2nd M14

Sunny, 800m, 2:33.58, 2nd M14

Thursday 8th November, 2018

Milers' Club Round 1, Lakeside

Ruby, 3000m, 11:39.10 8th Women D grade

Zach, 3000m, 9:53.95, 6th Men G grade

Friday 2nd November, 2018

All Schools Track and Field Championships

Ruby, 1500m, 5:17.93 5th FU18

Sunny, 100, 14.7 MU14 23rd in prelims

Sunny, 400, 1:09.59, MU14 19th in prelims

Sunny, 800, 2:47.99, MU14 20th in prelims

Jack, 100, 13.48, M16 21st in prelims

Jack, 800, 2:23.95, M16 14th in prelims

Jack, 200H, 33.16, 5th M16

Bianca, 1500m, 4:52.38, 3rd F17

Bianca, 3000m, 10:40.12, 6th F17

Saturday 27th October, 2018

AV Shield Round 4, Doncaster

Luke, 3000m, 11:59.9, 5th M16

Ruby, 800m 2:31.37, unofficial - no official result shown

Luke, 800m 2:51,9, 10th M16

David, 800m 2:28.5, 8th M16

Ruby, 400m 69.46 (part of 4x400 relay)

Jack, 400m, 58.87, 2nd M16

Jack, 100H, 18.88, 3rd M16

Sunny, 100m, 14.6, 5th M14

Sunny, 400m, 64.46, 1st M14

Sunny, 90H, 20.49, 3rd M14

Bianca, 3000m, 10:47.2, 1st F18

Monday 22nd October, 2018

SSV State Track and Field Championships

Zali, 800, 2:43.04, 5th F15 

Bianca, 1500, 4:56.25, 3rd F16

Saturday 20th October, 2018

AV Shield Round 3, Newport

Ruby, 1500m, 5:42, 2nd FU18 - unofficial (official results are wrong)

Luke, 1500m, 5:50.3, 10th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Zach, 1500m, 4:45.4, 6th MOpen (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 100m, 13.69, 8th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 400m, 58.71, 6th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 2k steeple, 7:41.7, 3rd MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 100m, 14.58, 5th MU14 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 400m, 68.93, 3rd MU14 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 2k steeple, 8:50.6, 1st MU14 (Yellow Zone)

Bianca, 1500m, 4:52.0, 1st FU18 (Yellow Zone)

Saturday 13th October, 2018
AV Shield Round 2, Doncaster

Ruby, 3000m, 12:16.8, 3rd FU18 (Yellow Zone)

Luke, 3000m, 12:44.9, 4th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 400m, 61.28, 3rd M16 (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 1500m, 5:24.34, 1st M16 (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 100H, 19.42, 2nd M16 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 100, 14.68, 6th M14 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 400, 68.95, 2nd M14 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 90H, 19.74, 2nd M14 (Yellow Zone)

Zach, 5000m, 18:13.3, 8th M Open (Yellow Zone)

Bianca, 800m, 2:22.4, 1st F18 (Yellow Zone)

Saturday 6th October, 2018

AV Shield Round 1, Aberfeldie


Bianca, 4:56.6, 1st FU18 (Yellow Zone)

Ruby, 5:22.5, 2nd FU18 (Yellow Zone)

Jack, 5:00.6, 8th MU16 (Yellow Zone)

Sunny, 6:13.4, 3rd MU14 (Yellow Zone)

Rayvia, 4:58.3, 7th MU18 (Yellow Zone)


Jack, 60:01, 7th MU16

Long Jump


Thursday 20th September, 2018

SSV Western Metro Secondary Track and Field Championships

Ruby, 3000m, 13:36.3, 9th Girls Open

Ruby, 1500, 5:23:47, 3rd Girls 17yo

Bianca, 1500, 5:02.32, 1st Girls 16yo

Zali, 800m, 2:33.71, 1st Girls 15yo

Zali, part of 3rd placed Girls 16yo 4x100 relay

Saturday 15th September, 2018

XCR'18 Round 10, Tan Relays

Ruby, 16:02, part of second placed F Division 2 team (Ruby is only 16!)

Zach, 14:03, part of 10th placed M Division 3 team

Jack, 18:21, part of 14th placed MU16 team

Sunny, 17:00, part of 14th placed MU16 team

Sunday 2nd September, 2018

XCR'18 Round 9, Burnley 

Rayvia, 5k, 18:31, 17th MU18

Zach, 5k, 18:19, 13th MU20

Saturday 4th August, 2018

XCR'18 Round 7, Lake Wendouree Road Race

Jack, 6k, 28:43, 27th MU16

Ruby, 6k, 25:15, 10th FU18

Zach, 6k, 21:44, 12th MU20

Sunday 22nd July, 2018 XCR'18 Round 6

Jack, 3k, 11:56.677, 30th MU16

Zach, 10k, 37:13.54, 17th MU20

Ruby, 3k 11:37.82, 17th FU18

Thursday 19th July, 2018

SSV State Cross Country Championships, Bundoora

Zali, 3k, 12:19, 13th F15

Ruby, 3k 11:56, 17th F17-20

Saturday 7th July, 2018

XCR'18 Round 5 Sandown Road Relays

Ruby, 3100m, 12:31, part of 4th placed FU18 team

Javiah, 3100m, 13:54, part of 8th placed FU14 team*

Rayvia, 3100m, 11:14, part of 7th placed MU18 team

Sunny, 3100m, 13:59, part of 13th placed MU16 team*

Jack, 3100m, 13:42, part of 13th placed MU16 team*

* these teams inc younger athletes

Thursday 21st June, 2018

SSV Western Region Cross Country, Brimbank Park

Javiah, 3k, 13:11 (but I had her at 12:16), 63rd F12-13

Zali, 3k, 11:34 (but I had her at 11:22), 5th F15

Ruby, 3k, 11:04 (but I had her at 10:49), 5th F17-20

Zali and Ruby both qualified for the SSV State Championships. Congratulations!

Saturday 26th May, 2018

XCR'18 Round 3 Cruden Farm

Javiah, 4000m, 21:42, 25th FU14 - in her first ever 4k race (and she's only 11)
Sunny, 4000m, 18:36, 18th MU14
Ruby, 6000m, 29:48, 24th FU18
Jack, 6000m, 26:36, 37th MU16
Rayvia, 6000m, 21:28, 24th MU18
Zach, 21:29 18th MU20

Saturday 5th May, 2018

XCR'18 Round 2 St Anne's

Ruby, 3000m, 12:51.497, 20th FU18

Javiah, 3000m, 14:51,75, 30th FU16

Sunny, 2000m, 8:03.42, 15th MU14

Jack, 3000m, 12:21.00, 29th MU16

Rayvia, 4000m, 15:47.613, 24th MU18

Zach, 4000m, 15:08.593, 21st MU20

Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships

Ruby 11:29.75, 11th FU18
Rayviah, 10:16.33, 14th MU17
Javiah, 33.66 12th FU14

Saturday, 24th February, 2018

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships

Javiah, 2:53.00, 10th FU14 PB!
Ruby, 2:34.02, 12th FU18 PB!
Jack, 2:26.18, 7th MU16
Sunny, 2:27.14, 5th MU14

Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships


Jack, 1:00.01, 8th MU16


Ruby, 5:16.71, 9th FU18

Saturday, 10th February, 2018

AV Shield Final, Lakeside


Luke, 12:48.4, 20th MU14

Sunny, 11:31.2, 12th MU14

Jannik, 12:08.0, 18th MU14

Ruby, 11:22.9, 3000m, 8th FU18


Javiah, 3:00.2, 18th FU14

Ruby, 2:34.2, 22nd FU18 PB!

Sunny, 2:33.3, 14th MU14

Jannik, 2:34.0, 16th MU14

Jack, 2:19.2m 22nd MU16


Javiah, 31.96, 22nd FU14 PB!

Sunny, 28.37, 16th MU14

200 hurdles

Jack, 32.45, 8th MU16

High Jump

Jack, 1.5m, 9th MU16

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

Miler's Club Race 4, Melbourne University


Javiah, 2:58.1, 8th Female "K" race


Ruby, 5:31.1, 4th Female "D" race Huge PB!

Zach Mottram, 4:51.0, 10th, Male "E" race

Saturday, 20th January, 2018

AV Shield Round 12, Aberfeldie

Jack, 28.18,11th MU16
Sunny, 29.15, 5th MU14
Javiah, 33.49,2nd FU14 PB!
Zach Mottram, 2:09.7,, 4th MU20
Jack, 2:34.02, 2nd MU16
Sunny, 2:36.4, 5th MU14
Javiah, 2:53.3, 2nd FU14 PB!
Zach Mottram, 9:36.8, 3rd MU20
Rayvia, 10:16.6, 6th MU16
Sunny, 11:21.9, 2nd MU14 This was a new club record for Sunny! Congratulations!
Jannik, 11:56.2, 3rd MU14
Ruby, 11:28.4, 3rd FU18
Bianca, 10:23.3, 1st FU16

Well done everyone. No wonder all the teams made the finals :-)

18th January, 2018

Miler's Club Race 3, Lakeside
Javiah, 2:54.42, 6th, Female "J" race PB!
Jack, 2:16.8, 1st, Male "K" race.
Bianca, 4:46.59, 16th, Female "A" race
Ruby, 5:10.66, 6th, Female "D" race
Zach Mottram, 4:25.78, 6th Male "F" race
A PB, a winner, and a junior in the "A" race - HOT performances to go with the HOT weather!

12th & 13th January, 2018

AV Shield Round 11, Lakeside and Nunawading

Jack, 14.32, 11th MU16
Sunny, 14.77, 8th MU14
Jack, 1:04.15, 5th MU16
Sunny, 1:10.51, 6th MU14
Ruby, 2:37.3, 1st FU18 PB!
Bianca, 2:21.69, 1st FU16
Jayviah, 2:57.3, 4th FU14
Zach Mottram, 17:14.1, 2nd MU20
Rayvia, 18:43.2, 1st MU16 - 1st time he's done a 5k!

Well done all. And thank you to Zach's Mum and Rayvia's Dad for standing in the cold and rain to lap score - not only for their own kids, but for all the heats of the 5k.

7th January, 2018

AV Shield, Round 10, Lakeside

Jack, 28.22, 4th MU16
Sunny, 30.71, 7th MU14
Jack, 2:23.4, 1st MU16
Sunny, 2:37.0, 5th MU14
Rayvia, 10:02.9, 1st MU16 with a PB!
Luke, 12:26.4, 4th MU14 with a PB!
Ruby, 11:32.9, 1st FU18
Bianca, 10:25.6, 1st FU16 with a huge winning margin
High Jump:
Jack, 1.45m, 1st MU16
Sunny, 1.20m, 7th MU14

15th and 16th December, 

AV Shield, Round 9, Geelong, Meadowglen

Jack, 14.95, 6th MU16
Sunny, 15.69, 5th MU14
200 H:
Jack,33.91 1st MU16
Sunny, 38.83 1st MU14
Luke, 5:51.2, 5th MU14
Bianca, 4:52.0, 1st FU16
Javiah, 5:57.65, 3rd FU14 with a 12 second PB!
Long Jump:
Javiah, 3.13m 2nd FU14

10th December, 2017

AV Shield, Round 8, Newport

Jannik, 30.54, 10th MU14
Sunny, 30.99, 11th MU14
Javiah, 35.26, 4th FU15
Jack, 2:35.2, 9th MU16
Jannik, 2:30.4, 7th MU14
Sunny, 2:50.9, 10th MU14
Luke, 2:54.4, 11th MU14
Bianca, 2:17.5, 1st FU16
Javiah, 3:00.7, 7th FU14
200 Hurdles
Jannik, 37.34, 2nd MU14
Triple Jump
Sunny, 8.7m, 7th MU14
Ruby, 11:50.23, 9th (mixed male and female)
 - at Geelong

26th November, 2017

AV Shield, Round 6, Aberfeldie

Jack, 13.95, 7th MU16
Sunny, 16.28, 14th MU14
Jannik, 14.78, 10th MU14
Bianca, 64.25, 2nd FU16
Javiah, 75.49, 2nd FU14
Muse, 4:14.2, 2nd MU20
Zach, 4:23.8, 4th MU20
Jack, 5:11.2, 4th MU16
Jannik, 4:56.9, 5th MU14
Sunny, 5:30.3, 10th MU14
Bianca, 4:49.4, 2nd FU16
Ruby, 5:33.6, 1st FU18 (not bad for a sick girl!)
Sprint Hurdles:
Sunny, 20.25, 2nd MU14
Jack, 15.73, 2nd MU16?? (results had a DNQ)
Long jump:
Sunny, 3.45m, 7th MU14
Javiah, 3.49m, 4th FU14 PB!!

No results available for Round 5, due to the meet being cancelled part way.

28th October, 2017

AV Shield Round 4, Werribee
Bianca, 63.38, 1st FU16
Muse, 4:14.9, 2nd MU20
Hayelom, 4:28.8, 4th MU20
Zach, 4:32.7, 5th MU20
Ruby, 5:24.0, 1st FU18
Bianca, 4:51.5, 3nd FU16
Javiah, 6:09.4, 3rd FU14 (and a HUGE 17 second PB!)
Long Jump
Javiah, 3.4m 4th and a HUGE 33cm PB!

21st October, 2017

AV Shield Round 3, Meadowglen and Nunawading
Muse, 13.37, 2nd MU20
Hayelom, 14.02, 4th MU20
Javiah, 2:55.5, 1st FU14 PB! First time under 3 minutes and 14 seconds faster than last time.
Bianca, 2:19.97, 1st FU16 PB!
Zach, 2:19.9, 1st MU20
Muse, 4:16.4, 1st MU20
Hayelom, 4:39.6, 3rd MU20
Ruby, 20:29.6, 1st FU18 PB! 1st 5k on the track. 3 seconds faster than Burnley.
Zach, 16:49.1, 1st MU20
Triple jump
Javiah, 7.09m, 2nd FU14
Long Jump
Jannik, 4.1m, 2nd MU14

14th October, 2017

AV Shield Round 2, Werribee

Bianca, 65.79, 2nd FU16
Javiah, 6:26.6, 3rd F14
Bianca,4:53.2, 1st F16
Ruby, 5:26.3, 2nd F18
Athan, 4:47.5, 5th M18
Muse, 4:19.9, 1st M20
Hayelom, 4:34.4, 3rd M20
Zach, 4:37.1, 4th M20
Long jump
Javiah, 3.07m, 2nd F14

7th October, 2017

AV Shield Round 1, Doncaster

Javiah, 3:09.05, 1st F14
Bianca, 2:25.28, 2nd F16
Rayvia, 2:23.85, 5th M16 
Bianca, 10:54.41, 2nd F16
Ruby, 12:06.02, 1st F18
Rayvia, 10:20.03, 2nd M16

16th September, 2017

XCR'17 Round 10 Princes Park relays

Men's Div 1:
Team placed 8th
Muse, 3200m, 9:58.
Hayelom, 3200m, 11:31

Men's Div 3:

Team placed 7th
Zach, 3200m, 10:48

Men's U18

Athan, 3200m, 10:51
Women's U18:
Team unplaced - not a full team
Ruby, 3200m, 12:42

10th September, 2017

XCR'17 Round 9, Burnley

Ruby, 5000m, 20:32.15, 8th FU18

Zach, 5000m, 16:57.71, 10th MU20

13th August, 2017

XCR'17 Round 8, Anglesea Ekiden Relays

Men's Div 1:
Team placed 5th
Muse, 6000m, 22:30 (4th leg) and was chased down by Jeff Riseley.
Hayelom, 5200m, 20:01 (5th leg)
Zach, 4600m, 17:59 (6th, anchor leg)
Women's Div 5:
Team placed 2nd
Ruby, 5200m, 23:59 (3rd, anchor leg). Ruby is an U18 runner, competing in a senior team and had the fastest 5.2km in the Division. Way to go Ruby!

29th July, 2017

XCR'17 Round 7, Lake Wendouree

Bianca, 6000m, 23:26.837, 10th FU16

Ruby, 6000m, 24:48.413, 11th FU18

Muse, 6000m, 19:43.150, 6th MU20

Zach, 6000m, 20:27.3, 11th MU20

Hayelom, 6000m, 21:15.147, 16th MU20

Makda, 15000m, 1st F Open, 49:29.803

20th July, 2017

SSV State Cross Country Championships

Charles, 3000m, 9:27, 45th M12-13(Primary)

Zali, 3000m, 9:55, 14th F14

Bianca, 3000m, 8:55, 4th F15

Ruby, 3000m, 9:46, 11th F16

Muse, 5000m, 14:26, 4th M17-20


16th July, 2017

XCR'17 Round 6, Albert Park Road Race

Bianca, 3000m, 10:32.567, 6th FU16

Ruby, 3000m, 11:32.517, 11th FU18

Athan, 10000m, 36:39.173, 14th MU18

Muse, 10000m, 33:45.817, 9th MU20

Hayelom, 10000m, 36:25.973, 14th MU20 

Zach, 10000m, 36:50.343, 18th MU20

8th July, 2017

XCR'17 Round 5, Sandown Road Relays,

Muse, 6000m 21:07, part of the 9th placed M Div 1 team
Zach, 6000m, 21:33, part of the 6th placed M Div 3 team

Ruby, 3000m, 12:25, part of the 8th placed FU18 team and took 6 seconds off her time from last year.

22nd June, 2017

Western Metro Region Cross Country, Brimbank Park

Muse, 5000m, 15:04.8, 1st M17-20

Hayelom, 5000m, 16:08.4, 4th M17-20

Ruby, 3000m, 10:25.0, 1st F16

Bianca, 3000m, 9:45.3, 1st F15

Zali, 3000m, 11:02.8, 8th F14

Charles, 3000m, 9:54.2, 3rd M12-13 (Primary School)

Javiah, 3000, 13:45.2, 55th F11

All except Javiah qualified for State Championships

17th June, 2017

XCR' 17 Round 4, Bundoora

Muse, 8000m, 28:58.217, 11th MU20

Zach, 8000m, 30:06.723, 21st MU20

Ruby, 4000m, 16:12.287, 20th FU17

Bianca, 4000m, 15:13.110, 10th FU16

27th May, 2017

XCR'17 Round 3, Cruden Farm

Muse, 6000m, 20:25.227, 15th MU20
Hayelom, 6000m, 21:10.500, 20th MU20
Zach, 6000m, 21:31.600, 22nd MU20
Bianca, 6000m, 23:51.247, 9th FU16
Ruby, 6000m, 25:36.833, 12th FU18

13th May, 2017

XCR'17 Round 2, Wandin Park

Athan, 4000m, 16:06.687, 26th MU18

Muse, 4000m, 14:57.53, 11th MU20

Hayelom, 4000m, 15:54.210, 21st MU20

Zach, 4000m, 15:54.797, 22nd MU20

Bianca, 3000m, 13:01.580, 10th FU16

Ruby, 3000m, 14:16.000, 20th FU18

22nd March, 2017

XCR'17 Round 1, Jells Park Relays

Muse and Hayelom formed part of the 6th placed Men's Div 1 team.

Muse, 21:52, 6000m

Hayelom, 21:50, 6000m

Ruby and Bianca formed part of the 5th placed Women's U18 team

Ruby, 12:18, 3000m

Bianca, 11:36, 3000m

16th March, 2017

Miler's Club Race 5, Lakeside Stadium

Lachie, 2:09.36, 800m, 4th Men's G race. 

Ruby, 5:08.07, 1500m, 6th Women's D race and another PB! 
Zach Mottram, 4:20.4, 1500m, 9th Men's D race.

3rd-5th March, 2017

Victorian Championships Weekend 2

Lakeside Stadium


Ruby, 11:14.91, 7th WU17 PB!

Bianca, 11:13.5, 9th WU16


Zach, 16:50.74, 13th MU20

24-26 February, 2017

Victorian Championships Weekend 1

Lakeside Stadium


Ruby, 5:10.10, 12th WU17 PB!

Lachie, 4:38.32, 12th MU15

Zach, 4:27.87, 22nd MU20

3000m steeple:

Muse, 10:22.24, 9th MU20

Hayelom, 10:50.37, 11th MU20

12th February, 2017

AV Shield Final:
Jack, 15.38, 29th MU14
Lachie, 60.71, 5th MU14
Jack DQ 29th MU14
Muse Tesema, 4:22.8, 22nd M Div 1
Hayelom Dawit, 5:00.8, 36th M Div 1
Zach Mottram, 4:26.1, 11th MU18
Lachie, 4:44.8, 3rd MU14
Jack, 5:28.0, 21st MU14
Bianca, 5:06.0, 11th FU16
Ruby, 5:20.0, 16th FU16
2000m walk
Hayelom Dawit, 14:40.9, 10th M Div 1
3k steeple
Muse Tesema, 10:32.7, 10th M Div 1
Hayelom Dawit, 10:49.99, 12th M Div 1
2k steeple
Lachie, 7:04.3, 2nd MU14
Long jump
Lachie, 4.09m, 13th MU14

21st January, 2017

AV Shield Round 12

Lachie, 60.85, 2nd MU14
Jannik, 66.72, 6th MU14
Jack, 70.00, 8th MU14
Muse, 4:12.7, 6th M Div 1
Hayelom, 4:21.3, 9th M Div 1
Zach, 4:18.7, 1st MU18
Lachie, 4:31.8, 1st MU14
Bianca, 4:56.1, 2nd FU16
Ruby, 5:11.8, 4th FU16
3k Steeple:
Hayelom Dawit, 10:30.1, 2nd M Div 1 Missing a U20 National Qualifying time by 0.1 of a second - so close!
Muse, 10:45.2, 3rd M Div 1
2k Steeple:
Lachie, 7:27.7, 2nd MU14
Jannik, 8:17.6, 4th MU14
Jack, 9:56.87, 8th MU14
Long Jump:
Jannik, 4.12m, 5th MU14
Lachie, 3.91m, 6th MU14

19th January, 2017

Victorian Miler's Club Meet 3


Muse, 4:08.4, 9th M "D" race

Ruby, 5:11.4, 1st F "E" race

Zach, 4:17.5, 3rd M "G" race

Hayelom, 4:19.6, 6th M "G" race

Lachie, 4:27.7, 14th M "G" race

14th January, 2017

AV Shield Round 11

Zach, 2:10.89, 3rd MU18
Lachie, 2:16.54, 1st MU14
Bianca, 2:26.07, 1st WU16
Zali, 2:47.52, "4th" WU14 - she ran by invitation, so didn't receive a placing, but this is where her time would have put her.
Zach, 9:31.49, 2nd MU18
Lachie, 11:20.58, 2nd MU14
Bianca, 11:04.44, 2nd WU16
Ruby, 11:35.6, 4th WU16
Jannik, 38.5, 6th MU14
Triple Jump:
Lachie, 8.25m, 4th MU14
Shot put:
Lachie, 6.38m, 5th MU14

7th January, 2017

AV Shield Round 10

Muse, 56.03, 8th M Open
Hayelom, 58.73, 10th M Open
Ash, 61.64, 11th M Open
Lachie, 63.3, 2nd M U14
Muse, 4:22.6, 3rd M Open
Hayelom, 4:31.1, 6th M Open
Lachie, 4:59.2, 1st M U14
Bianca, 5:10.0, 1st F U16
Long Jump:
Lachie, 3.80m 3rd M U14

15th December, 2016

AV Shield Round 9


Muse, 2:00.6, 1st M Open

Bianca, 2:27.5, 1st FU16

Jannik, 2:32.10, 3rd MU14

Zali, 2:44.60, 6th FU16 (est. as she raced by invitation)

Hayelom, 2:06.8, 8th M Open

Athan, 2:21.9, 14th MU16


Lachie, 9:54.9, 1st MU14

Bianca, 11:00.3, 3rd FU16

Ruby, 11:25.90, 5th FU16

Athan, 9:59.0, 5th MU16


Zach, 16:26.1, 2nd MU18 (unofficial as MU18 were meant to race 3000m)

Muse, 16:12.3, 7th M Div 1

Hayelom, 17:29.8, 13th M Div 1

10th December, 2016

AV Shield Round 8


Lachie, 13.8, 2nd MU14


Lachie 61.92 2nd MU14

Jannik 64.32, 4th MU14


Muse 4:10.8, 3rd MOpen

Lachie 4:44.90, 1st MU14


Muse 9:08.69, 3rd MOpen

Hayelom 9:22.76,4th MOpen

Asmelash, 9:41.94, 8th MOpen

Athan 10:10.53, 2nd MU16

Ruby 11:34.20, 1st FU16

3000m walk

Hayelom, 13:08.61 2nd MOpen

Long Jump

Jannik 3.92m, 5th MU14

Lachie 3.79m, 6th MU14

6th December, 2016

Zatopek Lower Grades

Asmelash, 35:42.63, 10000m, 12th in the fastest of the Graded Track Races (the 'real' Zatopek race is held two days later)

4th December, 2016

ActiveTri R2, Mordialloc

500m swim-16km cycle-5km run

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karolina, 55:18, 1st ITU Junior (14-15) Female, 7:53-0:57-24:37-0:49-21:01.

Great work!

Karolina runs with us.

3rd December, 2016
AV Shield Round 7
Jack, 30.8, 11th MU14
Muse, 2:05.8, 4th M Open
Athan, 2:21.0, 7th MU16
Lachie, 2:15.4, 1st MU14
Jack, 2:52.9, 10th MU14
Bianca, 2:25.3, 1st FU16
Athan, 10:32.2, 3rd MU16
Bianca, 11:25.5, 2nd FU16
Ruby, 11:46.5, 3rd FU16
Muse, 16:56.7, 5th M Open
Hayelom, 17:12.2, 7th M Open
Asmelash, 17:20.9, 8th M Open

Triple Jump:
Lachie, 7.66m, 6th MU14

26th November, 2016

Victorian Track Relay Championships

Jack & Lachie, part of the 3rd place MU14 4x400
Bianca, part of the 8th placed WU16 distance relay team

20th November, 2016

AV Shield Round 6


Lachie, 13.75, 10th MU14

Jack, 15.6, 15th MU14


Lachie, 59.19, 5th MU14

Athan, 66.75, 11th MU16

Jack, 70.26, 9th MU14


Bianca, 4:56.3, 2nd WU16

Ruby, 5:27.0, 3rd WU16

Athan, 4:46.3, 8th MU16

Jack, 5:42.1, 6th MU14

2k steeple:

Lachie, 7:26.6, 2nd MU14


Lachie, 11.02m, 6th MU14

Long Jump:

Lachie, 4.08m, 4th MU14

6th November, 2016

ActiveTri R1, Brighton

500m swim-20km cycle-5km run 

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Karolina, 68:31, 2nd Draft Legal Youth A Female, 7:23-1:22-37:22-1:22-21:00

TKarolina runs with us.

4th-6th November, 2016

Victorian All Schools Track & Field Championships

On a very windy Friday night at Lakeside: All Schools Track & Field Championships.
Karolina, 5:16.79 6th FU16

Ruby, 5:23.26 8th FU16,
Athan, 4:50.76 15th MU16
Zach, 4:36.56 8th MU18
Bianca and Lachie qualified for the finals to be held on Saturday.

Bianca, 5:00.04, 4th FU15
Lachie, 4:48.44, 7th MU14
Muse 4:43.55, 3rd MU20

Hayelom 4:46.38 4th MU20


Muse, 17:05.7, 2nd MU20

Hayelom 2:08.48,7th MU20

Lachie 8th 2:19.92 MU14

Zach 9:54.03 14th MU18, 

Athan 10:20.75 15th MU16, 

Bianca 10:54.67 5th FU15, 

Ruby 11:22.86 5th FU16

17th October, 2016

SSV State Track and Field Championships

Muse, 2:10.88, 5th Boys 18-20
Bianca, 5:02.3, 3rd Girls 14 and a PB!
Ruby, 5:18.01, 7th Girls 15 and a 5 second PB!
Zach, 4:34.05, 8th Boys 17
Muse, 9:24.41, 4th Boys 18-20
Bianca, 11:17.94, 6th Girls 18-20

15th October, 2016

AV Shield Round 2, Newport

Lachie, 65.25, 1st M U14
Hayelom, 4:41.7, 9th M Open
Lachie, 5:03.2, 1st M U14
Bianca, 5:03.7, 1st F U16
Ruby, 5:31.8,  4th F U16

8th October, 2016

AV Shield Round 1, Werribee


Muse, 1:57.65, 1st M Open

Hayelom, 2:09.1, 9th M Open

Bianca, 2:27.9, 2nd FU16


Karolina, 11:02.2, 1st FU16

Bianca, 11:09.1, 2nd FU16

Ruby, 11:39.80, 3rd FU16


Muse, 16:43.3, 5th M Open

Hayelom, 17:31.3, 8th M Open

4th October, 2016:

Western Metropolitan Region Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships

Muse, 9:26.01, 2nd Open Boys

Zach, 9:42.10, 5th Open Boys

Athan 9:59.68, 7th Open Boys

Bianca, 11:16.35, 1st Open Girls


Ruby, 2:43.16, 2nd G15

Muse, 2:05.88, 1st B18-20

Ruby's time was around the same as last year but the weather turned very nasty while her race was on and she was running against a very strong headwind (and it was cold and wet).
The weather cleared up a bit for the boys 18-20 800 which Muse won! His first lap was a very fast 60" and he ended up winning by 7 seconds! 


Bianca, 5:14.7, 1st G14

Ruby, 5:33.85, 2nd G15

Muse, 4:24.57, 2nd B18-20 (but official results show 5:01)

Zach, 4:40.56, 2nd B17

Athan 5:02.51, 6th B15

I had thought that Ruby had had the worst weather of the day for her 800, but during Muse's race there was a hailstorm. Muse's time was about the same as last year under extremely difficult conditions. Well done!

Bianca, Ruby, Zach and Muse all go through to the State Champs. Congratulations!

18th September, 2016:

XCR'16 Round 10, Cross country relay championships, the Tan
Men's Div 2 1st for the race and also for the season. Asmelash ran in Div 2 today and did 12:52 for the Tan.
FU18 won their race today. Katie Webb was part of the winning team with a time of 14:10.
Men's Div 4 won the race today. Muse and Hayelom played a major part, Muse did 12:33 and Hayelom 13:10. Muse's time was an improvement of 20 seconds from last year and Hayelom's was an improvement of 39 seconds.
Men's U18 came 6th on the day. This team included Zach with a time of 13:12 and Athan with a time of 13:17.
Well done all!

4th September, 2016

XCR'16 Round 9

Zach, 20:43.3, 6k, 4th MU18,

Athan, 21:23.5, 6k 10th MU16

Lachie, 22:30.7. 6k, 6th MU14

Ruby, 25:21.0, 6k, 5th FU18

Nick Smith, 1:32:08.7, 21.1k, 247th MOpen

6th August, 2016

XCR'16 Round 8, Ekiden Relay, Anglesea

Men's Div 2 - 1st place
Asmelash Tesema 30:22 (8.2km)
Zach Mottram 22:54 (6.3km)
Muse Tesema 19:05 (5.5km)
Hayelom Dawit 17:04 (4.9km)

A brilliant run from Hayelom Dawit secured victory for the Division 2 team, with the up-and-coming junior reeling in the Western Athletics’ runner over the final stages of his 4.9km leg to stop the clock in 2hr 35min 8sec for the 44.1km event made up of six legs of varying lengths. The team enjoyed a see-sawing battle with Western Athletics all day, with juniors Dawit, Muse Tesema and Zach Mottram all stepping up to the open ranks and putting in strong performances to combine beautifully with Asmelash Tesema and two non-AEARA runners ( Mitchel Brown and Toby O’Brien). 

Women's Under 18 - 2nd place
Ruby Ali 21:25 (4.9km) 

Ruby must like this course - medalling two years on a row

17th July, 2016

XCR'16 Round 7, Albert Park Road Race


Ash, 33:36.40, 56th Open Men

Zach, 35:50.6, 7th MU18


Katie Webb, 10:21.4, 3rd WU18 

Bianca, 11:14.6, 10th FU16
Ruby, 12:00.9, 15th WU16

Athan, 10:06.1 - 14th MU16
Lachie, 10:38.5 - 3rd MU14
Well done!

18th June, 2016

Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championships:
Bianca, 15:07.8, 4k 7th FU15
Karolina, 15:48.1 4k  14th FU16 
Ruby, 16:17.9 4k  23rd FU16 
Athan, 13:52.5 4k  28th MU16 
Katie 15:15.9 4k  7th FU18
Zach, 21:32.8 6k  22nd MU18 
Muse, 29:08.3 8k  25th MU20 
XCR' Round 5 Bundoora Park

Nick , 34:28.7 10k 54th MOpen 
Asmelash, 35:13.5 10k  65th MOpen 
Yel , 42:56.9 10k  248th MOpen 

8th June, 2016

SSV Western Metro Region Cross Country finals today:
Charles, 11:00.24, 3k, 10th B11
Bianca, 10:35.15, 3k 1st G14
Ruby, 11:21.63, 3k 2nd G15 - 2:30 faster and 2 places better than last year
Athan, 9:35.13, 4th B15
Robel, 12:11.45, 3k, 3rd G17-20 - 48 seconds better than last year
Zach, 17:30.16, 5k, 8th B17-20
Muse, 16:01.62, 5k 2nd B17-20 - 1:34 faster and 2 places better than last year
Hayelom, 16:58.12, 5k, 5th B17-20 - 1:16 and 2 places better than last year

4th June, 2016

XCR'16 Round 4, Road Race - Lake Wendouree:

Bianca, 19:51.0, 12th U16 girls
Ruby, 20:29.8, 17th U16 girls
Athan, 17:37.9, 16th U16 boys
Zach, 17:18.13, 9th U18 boys
Katie, 18:51.7, 7th U18 girls
Muse, 16:29.1, 16th U20 men - this was faster the Muse's PB for 5k on the track

Asmelash, 55:40.0, 65th (out of 360)

21st May, 2016

XCR'16 Round 3, Cross Country - Cruden Farm


Muse 20:33.3, 17th MU20

Ruby 26:25.9, 18th FU16


Liv 33:40.4, 56th (out of 190) F Open

Asmelash, 58:04.9, 70th (out of 349) M Open

Yel 72:41.2, 241st (out of 349) M Open*

* This was Yel's debut. Great work, Yel.

16th May, 2016

Triathlon Victoria Awards

Karolina, Female Junior Athlete of the Year (Karolina runs with us)

7th May, 2016

XCR'16 Round 2, Cross Country - Wandin Park


Asmelash 31:55.2, 82nd (out of 377!) M Open


Liv 28:35.1, 78th (out of 201), F Open


Muse 14:43.6, 13th MU20


Ruby 14:53.8, 20th F U16

16th April, 2016

XCR'16 Round 1, Cross Country Relays - Jells Park


Asmelash 20:37. Part of 2nd placed, Men's Div 2 team and 2 minutes faster than last year

Muse 20:31. Also part of the 2nd placed, Men's Div 2 team.

Hayelom 21:08. Part of 1st placed Men's Div 4 team

9th April, 2016

Bill Burke Classic

4km Cross Country Handicap

Muse, 2nd fastest, 3rd across the line, 13:12

Asmelash, 3rd fastest, 4th across the line, 13:53

Hayelom 6th fastest, 14:38

Ruby 13th fastest, 18:13

8th April, 2016

Athletics Victoria Awards 2016

Barb Augustin wins the Athletics Victoria Community Coach award for the work done in helping disadvantaged athletes compete in Track and Field by providing coaching and logistical support and by sourcing sponsors for medical and travel costs.

Athletics Essendon Presentation Night

Hayelom wins the Best Club Man for the MU18 team. Hayelom won this award for his efforts in many different events (including throws) during the Shield competition.

5th March, 2016

Victorian Open KnockOut Final

Asmelash, 2:05.94, 800, 5th MOpen

Asmelash, 4:24.3, 1500, 4th MOpen

A good end to a long season.

27th-28th February, 2016 

Victorian Junior KnockOut Final


Muse, 2:01.18, 2nd MU20 PB!

Hayelom, 2:09.78, 4th MU20


Muse, 4:13.35, 2nd MU20

Hayelom, 4:31.62, 3rd MU20

26th February, 2016

Victorian Open Track & Field Championships

Asmelash, 4:14.39, 1500m,  34th PB!

23rd February, 2016

Miler's Club


Hayelom, 2:09.10, 3rd Men's "I" race - within 0.1 seconds of his PB!

Asmelash, 2:03.0, 7th Men's "F" race - also very close to a PB!


Muse, 4:39.60, 13th Men's "C" race. 

Ruby, 5:48.0, 6th Men's "D" race.

It was the first time either of these had done a Mile, so PBs!

14th February, 2016

Sole Motive Active Tri, Race 4, Mordialloc

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sprint Distance 750-20-5:
Karolina, 1:08:53, 1st Draft Legal (14-15) F, 11:07-0:54-35:39-0:57-20:14

Georgi, 1:16:08, 2nd Draft Legal (16-19) F, 11:36-0:56-39:35-0:59-23:01

Karolina and Georgi run with AEARA. Well done!

12th to 14th February 2016, Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships


Karolina, 5:02.94, 9th FU16

Muse, 4:13.06, 7th MU20

Hayelom, 4:30.07, 14th FU16 PB!


Ruby, 11:25.47, 6th FU16 PB!


Robel, 21:18.78, 7th FU20 PB! 

6th February 2016, AV Shield final.

Asmelash, 2:02.22, 16th MOpen PB!

Muse, 2:07.03, 11th MU18*

Hayelom, 2:10.41, 14th MU18

Liv, 2:26.70, 13th WOpen

Robel, 2:55.15, 9th WU20 PB!


Muse, 9:42.31, 7th MU18

Ruby, 11:38.01, 9th FU16

Robel, 12:24.70, 7th WU20

4x400 relays

Muse, 53.21, Team placed 7th MU18 PB!

Robel, 1:18.91, Team placed 3rd WU20 PB!


Hayelom 7.74m 13th MU18

Team results:

Hayelom's and Muse's team, Essendon MU18, 1st.

Robel's team, Essendon FU20, 1st. 

Ruby's team, Essendon WU16, 1st.
*Muse channelled John Landy by checking on a fallen competitor and then going on to almost get a PB in the 800 (deduct the time spent on the ground and then checking on his rival and I reckon he'd have had one).

30th January, 2016

AV Shield Round 10


Robel, 2:56.69 3rd FU20 PB! 

Muse, 2:03.74 6th MU18

Ruby, 2:40.40, 8th FU16 PB! 

Hayelom, 2:10.97 9th MU18

Asmelash, 2:11.81 11th M Open Div 1


Muse, 9:35.0, 2nd MU18 

Karolina, 11:07.3, 4th FU16 PB! 

Ruby, 12:05.0, 6th FU16

Hayelom, 10:17.0 7th MU18


Robel, 21:21.6, 1st FU20! PB! 

Asmelash, 17:07.8 11th M Open Div 1


Hayelom, 7.74m 7th MU18 

Muse, 6.32m 9th MU18 

Asmelash, 5.15m 17th M Open Div 1

Great work all. It was obviously the girls' turn this week!

23rd January, 2016

What a wonderful 8 days:
* 20 events completed:
* 6 PBs (8 if you include events done for the first time) including:
- in the 400m: a drop of 1.3 seconds for Muse,
- in the 1500: a total drop of 8.06 seconds for Asmelash, 7.5 seconds for Muse, 1.4 seconds for Hayelom,
- in the 5000: a drop of 55.7 seconds for Asmelash, (Muse and Hayelom did their first ever 5000m so get PBs by default!)
- in the Jav: an improvement of 1.54m for Asmelash
* Robel placing 2nd in the WU20 in her first race back after injury
* Ruby placing top 10 in her first Country Champs
* 3 'almost' PBs

23rd January, 2016

Country Championships


Asmelash, 4:15.64, 6th M Open PB!

Muse, 4:11.20, 5th MU20

Hayelom, 5:39.14, 12th MU20

22nd January, 2016

Country Championships


Asmelash, 16:18.26, 5th M Open a HUGE 56 second PB and a 3k PB on the way through !
Muse, 16:43.83, 9th M U20
Hayelom, 18:01.56, 11th M U20
It was Muse's and Hayelom's first ever 5000m. 
Ruby, 12:03.61, 8th FU16

19th January, 2016

Miler's Club/Knockout Round 2


Asmelash, 4:16.36, 1st Men's F race - huge 7 second PB!

Hayelom, 4:33.25, 14th Men's F race - PB!

Muse, 4:10.61, 3rd Men's E race - huge 8 second PB!

Those PBs that were so close on the weekend eventuated! Good signs for the Country Champs this weekend!

16th January, 2016

AV Shield Round 9


Asmelash, 4:23.94, 10th M Open - within 0.2 seconds of a PB!

Hayelom, 4:37.53, 7th MU18

Muse, 4:18.72, 3rd MU18, missing his PB by only 0.6 seconds

Robel, 5:52.41, 2nd WU20


Asmelash, 59.03, 18th M Open

Hayelom, 59.46, 12th MU18

Muse, 54.80, 5th MU18 PB!


Asmelash, 19.27m, 11th M Open PB!

Hayelom, 29.51m, 4th MU18

Muse, 16.12m, 6th MU18

9th January, 2016

AV Shield Round 8


Asmelash, 2:06, 4th M Open PB!

Hayelom, 2:13.81, 5th MU18

Muse, 2:04.15, 2nd MU18


Hayelom, 10:06.53, 3rd MU18

Ruby, 12:08, 3rd FU16

15th December, 2015

Athletics Essendon Fitzgerald Cup - a handicap race over 2400m. 

Muse 7:37, 5 seconds faster than last year

Hayelom Berhan 7:47 a huge 51 second PB!

Asmelash Molla 7:52, 12 seconds faster than last year

Robel jogged around - physio's orders! 

10th December, 2015
AV Shield, Yellow Zone, Round 6


Asmelash, 2:07.70, 11th Open Men

Hayelom, 2:11.70, 6th MU18

Muse, 2:05.2, 3rd MU18
Ruby, 2:41.50, 9th WU16, PB!


Ruby, 11:37.2, 4th WU16

Hayelom, 10:10.8, 12th MU18

Muse, 9:23.1, 3rd MU18


Asmelash, 17:14.0, 14th Open Men

6th December, 2015

Sole Motive Active Tri, Race 2, Mordialloc

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sprint Distance 500-16-5:
Karolina, 0:55:18, 1st ITU Jnr (14-15) F, 7:53-0:57-24:37-0:49-21:01

Karolina runs with AEARA. Well done!

1st December, 2015

Victorian Milers' Club Round 2/AV Knockout Round 1

Karolina, 5:01.56, 1500m, 3rd Junior Females - she was within 0.3 of her PB

Liv Honore, 2:23.45, 800m, 2nd C Grade Females - 7 seconds off her PB!

Liv Honore, 5:05.85, 1500m, 4th B Grade Females - 12.5 seconds off her PB!

Ruby, 5:23.50, 1500m, 13th Junior Females - 6 seconds off her PB! 

Great work by all! 

29th November, 2015

Gatorade Tri Series, Race 1, Elwood

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Specialized Fun Tri 150-7-1.2:

Karolina, 21:51, 1st F12-14 and 1st in the whole race!!, 2:17-1:28-12:38-0:43-4:48

28th November, 2015
2015 Victorian Relay Championships
Ruby ran the 800m in the FU16 medley. Her time was 2:43.63, the team placed 13th.
Liv Honore ran the 400 in F Open medley relay. Her time was 1:00.70 - a PB! The team placed 8th.
Liv also ran the 4x800 later in the day and recorded a time of 2:30.70 and the team won bronze.

22nd November, 2015

AV Shield Round 5 Yellow Zone


Asmelash, 4:23.70, 8th Open Men, PB!

Liv, 5:18.30, 2nd Open Women, PB!
4x100 relay

Liv was part of the winning W Open team, but her split isn't available.

Asmelash, 10:07.6, 7th Open Men

Hayelom, 31.97m, 1st MU18
Muse, 20.64m, 3rd MU18

14th November, 2015

AV Shield Round 4 Yellow Zone


Asmelash, 2:06.20, 10th Open Men, PB!
Ruby, 2:42.20, 7th WU16, PB!

4x400 relay
Asmelash, 56.50 - a PB whilst running the first leg of the winning M Open team

Ruby, 11:51.1, 1st WU16 

8th November, 2015

Sole Motive Active Tri, Race 1, Brighton

results below are in the form: name-time-place-swim-T1-ride-T2-run

Sprint Distance 500-20-5:
Karolina, 1:05:13, 1st ITU Jnr (14-15) F, 7:30-1:13-34:14-1:19-20:57
Holly, 1:20:06, 3rd F16-19, 9:28-2:01-43:17-1:35-23:45
Georgi, 1:10:00, 3rd ITU Jnr (16-19) F, 7:29-1:19-35:10-1:17-24:45

These three young ladies run with AEARA.

6-8 November, 2015

Victorian All Schools Track & Field Championships


Muse, 2:03.50, MU18 9th in preliminaries. He ran very close to his pb and just missed the final by 0.4 seconds. He would have had to set a new pb to get thru.


Karolina, 5:01.30, FU15 7th in preliminaries. She took a huge 4 seconds off her pb to qualify for the final, unfortunately she was unable to attend the final.
Hayelom, 4:37.55, 9th MU18. He went faster time than at shield last week and only a few seconds shy of his pb after blitzing the first 1100m.

Muse, 9:29.75, 5th MU18  with a time only 3 seconds slower than his PB. 

Hayelom, 9:56.07, 8th MU18 - a humungous 28 second PB and went under 10 minutes for the very first time!
Ruby, 11:46.85, 11th WU15. She took 4 seconds off her PB!

31st October, 2015

AV Shield Round 3  Yellow Zone vs Red Zone


Ruby, 5:29.7, 6th WU16 a huge PB!

Liv, 5:19.70, 7th WOpen - on debut!

Muse, 4:19.8, 6th MU18

Hayelom, 4:44.1, 11th MU18

Asmelash, 4:38.20 18th MOpen

2000m steeple - low

Hayelom, 7:17.4 - this height is too low for MU18, so Hayelom then immediately ran the correct height:

2000m steeple - high

Hayelom, 7:34.3, 1st MU18 - not bad for two consecutive steeple chases!


Asmelash 17.73m 9th MOpen

Hayelom 26.41, 2nd MU18

25th October, 2015

AV Shield Yellow Zone Round 2

Ruby, 11:57.8, 3000m, 4th WU16

Hayelom, 2:14.8, 800, 7th MU18

Hayelom, 9.37m, shotput, 5th MU18

Muse, 2:04.2, 800m, 2nd MU18

Muse, 9:44.1, 3000m, 5th MU18
Liv, 800m, 2:30.3, 4th W Open - on debut!

20th October, 2015

SSV Secondary State Track & Field Championships

Muse, 2:03.10, 800m, 4th 17yo Boys PB!

Muse, 4:25.99, 1500, 7th 17yo Boy

Karolina, 5:10.03, 1500, 3rd 14yo Girls

Robel, 5:45.80, 1500, 7th 18-20yo Girls PB!


Athletics Essendon Winter Presentation Night

Muse - Most Improved MU18

Robel, Muse, Asmelash and Hayelom - recognised for efforts in National XC Championships

Ruby & Robel - medal for being part of WU16 and WU20 Premiership teams

10th October, 2015

AV Shield Yellow Zone Round 1


Ruby, 5:41.5, 6th WU16

Robel, 5:45.5, 1st WU20 PB!

Karolina, 5:05.0, 3rd WU16 PB!

Holly, 5:52.7, 5th WU18

Muse, 4:20.2, 4th MU18

Hayelom, 4:34.9, 9th MU18


Holly, 1:12.13, 6th WU18

Muse, 0:56.2, 2nd MU18

2000m steeple

Holly, 10:35.8, 3rd WU18

3000m steeple 

Muse, 11:32.9, 1st MU18

Hayelom, 11:34.5, 2nd MU18

19th September, 2015

XCR'15 Round 10 - Tan Relays

Men's U18

Muse,  12:53

Team Result: 4th

Hayelom, 13:49

Team Result: 9th 

Women's U20

Robel, 16:17

Team Result: 6th

Women's U16

Ruby, 15:53

Team Result: 8th

Liv Honore, 16:07

Team Result: n/a - invitation

17th September, 2015

Western Metropolitan Region Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships

Muse, 9:26.85, 4th Open Boys PB!

Hayelom, 10:24.42, 6th Open Boys PB!

Robel, 12:17.64, 8th Open Girls


Ruby, 2:43.32, 3rd G14 PB!

Muse, 2:07.42, 1st B17

Robel, 2:58.12 2nd G18-20 PB!

Hayelom, 2:17.92, 5th B17


Ruby, 5:36.35, 4th G14 PB!

Sienna, 6:15.41, 6th G17 PB!

Robel, 5:54.32, 2nd G18-20 PB!

Muse, 4:23.77, 2nd B17

Hayelom, 4:47.80, 5th B17

Hayelom did very well given he had a sleepless night on the Spirit of Tasmania and only arrived at Station Pier at 6am the same morning.

Sienna did a great job - she is the same age as Ruby but raced in an older age group.

PBs and medals for the others. A successful day. 

12th September, 2015

Burke-Stobus Relays

1 lap of Maribyrnong (~4.1km)

Muse 13:43.22

Hayelom 14:19.51 PB!

Robel 17:10 PB!

10th September, 2015

Northern Metropolitan Region Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships

Karolina, 5:10.00, 1500, 1st G14

9th September, 2015

AGSV Finals


Holly, 2:36.7, 2nd Open Girls

Georgi, 2:29.1, 3rd, GU16


Holly, 5:36.06, 2nd Open Girls

Georgi, 5:23.75,  3rd, GU16

7th September, 2015

Moonee Valley Division SSV Track and Field


Muse, 9:41.56, 1st Open Boys

Asmelash, 11:35.81, 6th Open Boys

Ruby, 12:35.48, 1st Open Girls

Robel, 12:36.06, 2nd Open Girls


Ruby, 2:58.73, 1st G14

Robel, 3:02.2, 1st Girls 18-20

Sienna, 3:05.73, 2nd Girls 18-20

Muse, 2:09.99, 1st B17


Muse, 4:34.30, 1st B17

Ruby, 6:08.23, 1st G14

Robel, 6:12.15, 1st Girls 18-20

Sienna, 7:38.49, 2nd G17

4th September, 2015

Keilor Division SSV Track and Field 

Hayelom, 8:47:00, 3000m, 1st Open Boys (we think the race was one lap short)

Hayelom, 2:18.40, 800m, 1st B17

Hayelom, 5:06.71, 1500m. 1st B17

29th August, 2015

2015 Australian Cross Country Championships

Asmelash, 48:10, 12km, 20th MU23 (final 9km done with a rolled ankle)

Muse, 29:33, 8km, 57th MU20

Hayelom, 30:48, 8km, 58th MU20 (Muse and Hayelom raced up an age group, they are only U18)

Robel, 26:30, 6km, 49th WU20

20th August, 2015

Moonee Valley Leader

Muse has been mentioned in the paper again. See here

15th August, 2015

XCR'15 Round 8, Anglesea

Ekiden relay
Men's Div 2:
Asmelash 5.2km, 18:39
Muse, 4.6km, 16:24
Team result: 1st, 42.3 km, 2:20.44
Men's Div 4:
Hayelom, 5.2km, 19:25
Team result: 2nd, 37.7km, 2:24:45
Women's U20:
Robel, 7.9km, 37:00
Team result: 1st, 19.1km, 1:29:40
Women's U16:
Ruby, 4.6km, 20:16
Team result: 1st, 15.8km, 1:07:48

1st August, 2015

XCR'15 Round 7, Brimbank

Muse, 28:12.7, 14th MU18, 8km

Hayelom, 28:17.4, 15th MU18, 8km

16th July, 2015

SSV State Champs
Max, 7:40, 41st Boys 9-10, 2000m
Ruby, 11:15, 31st Girls 14, 3000m
Robel, 11:19, 28th Girls 17-20, 3000m
Asmelash, 15:08, 11th Boys 17-20, 5000m
Muse, 15:28, 20th Boys 17-20, 5000m
Hayelom, 15:55. 26th Boys 17-20, 5000m
It is hard to compare to last year, since all athletes have changed age groups (or didn't race last year), but
Muse improved by 14 places and 2:31 from last year,
Ruby improved by 53 seconds from last year
Robel improved by 1:21 and 20 places from last year
Well done everyone!

11th July, 2015

XCR'15 Round 6, Road Relays, Sandown

Asmelash 21:44, 6.2km. Ash was  part of the second placed team in div 4 and had the fastest leg in the team. 

Muse 10:05, 3.1km

Hayelom 10:37, 3.1km. Muse & Hayelom's team was placed 7th in the men's under 18.

Ruby 13:10, 3.1km. Ruby was part of the 7th placed WU18 team (Ruby is only 14!) 

28th June, 2015

XCR'15 Round 5, Road Race, Albert Park

Robel Gebreweld, 11:54.6, 3k, 17th U20 Girls

(we think this time is incorrect, but the placing is right) 

13th June, 2015

All Schools XC at Bundoora
Karolina, 15:54.0, 4k, 24th U15 girls 

Muse 21:35.9, 6k, 27th U18 boys
Hayelom, 23:01.2, 6k, 44th U18 boys
Robel, 27:09.7, 6k, 19th U20 girls

Round 4 XCR'15 also at Bundoora
Asmelash, 44:56.0, 12k, 79th Open Men

11th June, 2015

SSV Western Metro Region XC champs:
Ruby Ali12:51.93, 3k, 4th 14 Girls

Robel Gebreweld, 13:04.5, 3k, 2nd 17-20 Girls 
Muse Tesema, 17:34.66, 5k, 4th 17-20 Boys
Asmelash Tesema, 17:35.16, 5k, 5th 17-20 Boys
Hayelom Dawit, 18:13.59, 5k, 7th 17-20 Boys
All got through to SSV state final on 16th July.

24th May, 2013

Congratulations to Karolina Czajkowski who was nominated as for the Triathlon Victoria Junior Female Athlete of the year. The award was won by Hayley Stanford of Southern X Triathlete.

Karolina trains with the AEARA squad at Athletics Essendon

23rd May, 2013

Athletics Essendon Founder's Handicap

2 laps of the river (8.2km).Asmelash did his first ever 2 laps of the river, in a time of 29:34

1 lap of the river (4.1km)
Hayelom did his first ever lap of the river in 14:39.
Muse did his first ever lap of the river in the fastest time any of my athletes have ever done in 13:44.

Well done one and all!

20th May, 2015

Article by Linh Ly in Moonee Valley Leader:

( Picture: ADAM ELWOOD )
POUNDING the pavement used to be a mode of travel for Muse Tesema, now it is a pathway to success.
Muse, 16, of Flemington, has set his sights on Olympic glory, having broken away from a difficult childhood.
Muse was born in Ethiopia with a significant hearing impairment and didn’t start speaking until age eight.
His parents died in separate accidents and he and his brother, Ashmelash, and sister, As
miret, moved in with their aunt who, in 2012, brought them and her five children to Australia.
Now studying at Mt Alexander College, Muse’s teachers identified his running prowess and selected him to compete at last year’s interschool competition.
It was there his support aid, Marie Foca, had a chance encounter with Australia East Africa Running Academy founder Keith Fearnley, who organised for Muse to receive free coaching from former Olympians Barb Augustin and Tony Benson (ed: Barb is not a former Olympian).
“The first time I saw him run, you could tell he was a runner,” Augustin said. “There was something natural about the way he ran.”
Muse said he started running to keep healthy and loved how fun it was.
It’s something that come naturally to him, having as a child fast-tracked the twohour walk to his aunt’s home by running instead.
Muse’s dedication to training led to him qualifying for the Australian Junior Athletics Championships in Sydney in March.
His school and the Rotary Club of Strathmore covered much of the costs to send Muse and Augustin to the event, where he recorded a personal best of 2min 3sec in the 800m.
“He hasn’t even been training for 12 months and for him to get to an Australian championship is fantastic,” Augustin said.

10th May, 2015

XCR'15 Round 2, Cross Country, Lardner Park

Robel 3k, 14:53.6, 15th WU20

Muse 4k, 15:17.6, 20th MU18

Hayelom 4k, 16:03.3, 28th MU18

Asmelash 8k, 32:36.6, 100th (out of 206) Open Men

24th April, 2015

Athletics Essendon End ot Season 2014/15 Presentation Night

MU18 Team Manager's Award - Muse

Recognition for receiving a medal at the Vic Juniors - Muse

Recognition for her part in the WU18 Premiership - Robel

18th April, 2015

XCR'15 Round 1, Cross Country Relays - Jells Park

Asmelash Molla 6k 22:31. Part of 3rd placed, Men's Div 4 team

Hayelom Dawit 3k 10:40. Part of 15th placed MU18 team (had an 11 y.o. in the team!)

Muse 3k 10:05. Part of 6th placed MU18 team

Robel 3k 13:06. Part of 10th placed WU20 team

18th March, 2015

Copperfield College Track & Field

Hayelom, 800, 2:09 1st MU17 - this run broke the school record by 20 seconds!

Hayelom, 1500, 4:49.76 1st MU17

He also won the 400 but I don't have the time.

12th March, 2015

Australian Junior Track & Field Championships

Muse, 800, 2:06.2, 20th MU18

Well done to Muse making the Nationals in his very first season!

7th March, 2015

AV Knockout Final

Muse, 800, 2:04.86, 3rd MU18

Muse, 1500, 4:19.69 4th MU18

Robel, 3000, 12:44.12, 1st WU20

Muse just nudged out another AEARA runner, Patrick Matthews, for 4th in the 800 and 5th in the 1500.

28th February, 2015

Victorian Open Track & Field Championships

Asmelash, 1500, 4:24.35, 35th MOpen

Another PB for Ash!

27th February, 2015

Victorian Open Track & Field Championships

Asmelash, 800, 2:06.86, 37th MOpen

Asmelash's first lap was a blistering 57 which is a PB for his 400 - on his way to a PB for the 800! Great effort.

21st February, 2015

Zone final

Asmelash, 200, 25.55, 5th MU20

Asmelash, 800, 2:07.93, 3rd MU20

Muse, 800, 2:03.36, 6th MU18

Asmelash, 3000, 9:52.25, 8th MU20

Hayelom and Muse also ran in the 4x400, I timed them at 57.53 and 56.63, respectively (Muse's leg was slightly longer than 400).

All of which makes PBs for everyone in everything!

They were also part of the winning side - Yellow Zone.

13th -15th February, 2015

Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships

Muse, 800, 2:04.14, 3rd MU18

Hayelom, 800, 2:12.99, 8th MU18

Muse, 1500, 4:24.22, 11th MU18

Hayelom, 1500, 4:37.15, 14th MU18

Robel, 5000, 22:28.2, 5th WU20

Excellent work by all: Muse is going to the National Champs in his very first season; Hayelom took 4 seconds off his 800 PB; Robel stepped up to her first ever 5k in humid conditions.

7th February, 2015

AV Knockout Round 2

Muse, 800, 2:06.45, 6th MU18

Muse, 1500, 4:21.86, 4th MU18

Robel, 3000, 13:11.33, 2nd WU20

31st January, 2015

AV Shield Final

Muse, 1500, 4:22.22, 13th MU18

Asmelash, 1500, 4:29.79, 9th MU20

Muse, 400, 56.06, 27th MU18

Asmelash, 400, 58.26, 15th MU20

Well done to Muse and Asmelash making the finals in their first year.

17th January, 2015

AV Shield Round 10, Zone vs Zone Aberfeldie


Muse 26.14, 26th MU18 PB!

Asmelash, 28.58 8th MU20 PB!

Hayelom ~30 (time shown is incorrect), 29th? MU18 PB?


Muse 2:05.76, 7th MU18

Asmelash 2:10.87, 2nd MU20 PB!

Hayelom, 2:17.35, place TBC PB!

Robel, 3:00.93, 11th WU18 PB!


Muse 9:55.2, 7th MU18

Asmelash 10:01.82 5th MU20 PB!

Hayelom 10:25.0 12th MU18 PB!

Robel 13:05.0 7th WU18 PB!

10th January, 2015

AV Shield Round 9, Zone vs Zone, Nunawading

Asmelash, 1500, 4:30.42, 2nd MU20

Hayelom, 1500, 4:34.69, 4th MU18

Muse, 1500, 4:22.96, 3rd MU18

Hayelom took 16 seconds from his previous best time, Asmelash took 6 seconds off his. Well done!

18th December, 2014

AV Shield, Round 8, Aberfeldie

Asmelash, 800, 2:15.7, 3rd MU20

Muse, 800, 2:04.2, 2nd MU18 - PB!

Hayelom, 800, 2:19.80, 19th MU18*

Robel, 800, 3:04.0, 2nd WU18 PB!

Muse, 3000, 9:59.8, 4th MU18

Hayelom, 3000, 10:28.27, 8th MU18* PB!

Robel, 3000, 13:37.2, 2nd WU18

Asmelash, 5000, 18:02.5, 2nd MU20 PB!

Muse and Hayelom were also part of the winning MU18 medley relay

* Hayelom's results are estimates - due to a technical problem with AV

It was wonderful to see so many PBs and to see Asmelash run a smart, first-ever 5000m.

14th December, 2014

AV Knockout Round 1

Muse, 800,  2:04.51, 7th MU18 (PB!)

Muse, 1500, 4:27.65, 7th MU18

6th December, 2014

Shield Round 7, Williamstown

Shield Round 7, Williamstown
Asmelash , 400, 1:00.4, 2nd MU20 and a PB!
Muse, 400, 0:57.5, 4th MU18

Asmelash, 1500, 4:38.3, 2nd MU20

Muse, 1500, 4:18.1, 5th MU18 and a PB!
Hayelom, 1500, 4:50.2, 3rd (my estimate) and a PB!
Robel, 1500, 6:26, 6th WU18

Good to see Asmelash and Robel coming back from injury. Well done to Muse and Hayelom on their PBs. Hayelom ran invitation, so his results are 'unofficial', but he'll be joined up to Athletics Essendon by next round.

29th November, 2014

Victorian Relay Championships, Lakeside

Muse was part of a MU18 4x800 relay that placed 6th in the club championships.

Muse ran the first leg and his unofficial time was 2:07.41

23rd November, 2014

Yellow Zone vs Red Zone, Aberfeldie

Unofficial results. The times are right, but the placings are yet to be announced:
Muse, 800 2:05.54
Muse, 3000 9:35.11
Hayelom, 800 2:17.18
Hayelom, 3000 10:36.48
Excellent results by the boys with PBs all round.

15 November, 2014

Shield Round 5, Werribee


Muse, 56.59, 4th M U18

Hayelom, 1:07.02, 16th M U18*


Muse, 4:27.7, 7th M U18

Robel, 6:27.3, 5th W U18

Hayelom, 4:48.92, 15th M U18*


Muse, 9:50.9, 2nd M U18

Hayelom, 11:02.3, 5th M U18*

* Hayelom raced by invitation so his times and placings are not in the official results. These are my times and my estimate of his placing.

Pleased to see Robel back from injury and Muse moving up through the ranks.

8-9 November, 2014

All Schools Track & Field Championships, Lakeside Stadium

Muse 9:46.25, 10th place BU17 and a big 18 second PB!

Muse 4:27.21, 11th place BU17

Saturday 1st November, 2014

Shield Round 4, Aberfeldie


Muse, 10:14.7, 5th MU18


Muse, 2:07.29, 3rd MU18


Asmelash, 6.82m 3rd MU20

Robel, 4.08, 9th WU18

It was extremely windy and probably slowed the 3000m by 10 seconds.

25th October, 2014

Shield Round 3, Williamstown
Muse, 4:20.7, 5th MU18 and a new PB!
Asmelash, 4:36.82, 3rd MU20 and a new PB! (NOTE: Asmelash is missing from the official results - this is my time and my 'place')
Muse, 55.73, 22nd MU18 and a new PB!

19th October, 2014

Shield Round 2, Aberfeldie
Muse, 10:03.7 9th MU18 and a new PB!
Muse, 2:06.9, 3rd MU18 and a new PB!
Asmelash, 2:13.4, 3rd MU20 and a new PB!
Robel, 3:11.0, 3rd WU18

17th October, 2014

School Sport Victoria Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships
Muse Tesema, 4:24.62, 7th M16
Asmelash Tesema, 4:45.10, 10th M18-20

11th October, 2014

Shield Round 1, Werribee


Muse, 4:28.65, 10th MU18 and a new PB!


Muse, 59.78, 12th MU18


Robel, 9.77m 5th WU18


Asmelash, 9.65m, 4th MU20

(Robel and Asmelash were injured so found other ways to earn points for their club)

All in all, a good introduction to inter-club Athletics!

8th September, 2014

Moonee Valley District Athletics competition


Asmalash, 10:03, 1st M Open

Muse, 10:09, 3rd M Open

Robel, 13:32.01, 2nd F Open


Robel, 6:25.70, 1st F16

Muse, 4:44.13, 1st M16

Asmalash, 5:05.50, 1st M20


Esset, 3:08.34, 4th F13

Ali, 2:32.40, 4th M14

Muse, 2:13.09, 2nd M16

Robel, 3:10.46, 3rd F16

Asmalash, 2:25.33, 1st M20

Muse and Asmelash won their age groups overall, Robel came second in hers.

Excellent work by all!

The next stop is the Western Region competition on 18/9.

Well done!

6th July, 2014

ASICS Half Marathon,Gold Coast 

Rueben Kosgei 1:04:56, 1st