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About Us

Group Training

AEARA aims to revive group training, allowing athletes and coaches to come together at specific sessions, as used to happen on Sundays at Ferny Creek, and as occurs in the towns like Iten and Eldoret in Kenya and Addis Ababa and Sululta in Ethiopia.

East African Assistance 

Through his association with Tony Benson, Sydney Olympic 3000m S/C champion Reuben Kosgei is supporting the program. As the founder of the ALTITUDE RUNNERS Management Group and the Director of an elite training camp in Eldoret, Kenya he can assist AEARA at three levels – direct advice to athletes and coaches, the opportunity to link into his elite training centre in Eldoret and then with entry into European competition. 

Coaches will be able to associate with Reuben (when not managing athletes overseas) and Sammy Woldeamanuel, a 2:08 hr marathon runner working with AEARA coach Frances Lipscombe. 

In addition AEARA athletes will have the opportunity to train with athletes Reuben brings to Australia and with Sammy Woldeamanuel, a 2:08 hr marathon runner working with AEARA coach Frances Lipscombe. 

Run With The Best 

Access to the Run With The Best knowledge. This book by Tony Benson and Irv Ray has sold worldwide, is in over 3000 US colleges and high schools (and now costs in excess of $200 on the internet!). The program has produced male and female Olympians in the USA, Philippines and Australia. 

Founding Personnel 

Tony Benson ASM 


1972 Olympian 

1992 Olympic Head Coach 

IAAF Lecturer 

Level 5 Track & Field Coach 

ATFCA National Consultant 

Keith Fearnley 


Level 4 Track & Field Coach 

Reuben Kosgei 


Altitude Runners Head Coach & Competition Manager 

Olympic Gold Medalist 

Camp Eldoret Director of Training 

Frances Lipscombe 


Level 4 Track & Field Coach 

Kirsty Hough (Rayner) 


Tanami Design 

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